safety switch (RCD)

An Electrical Safety Switch (RCD) is an Electrical Safety Switch that can be installed in the home or used as a portable device to protect the homeowner from electrical issues. The switches detect any irregularities within the electrical currents through the home and shut the electricity off if there is anything noticed that could cause issues. This helps minimize injuries from any contact with a faulty appliance or outlet.

how an electrical safety switch (RCD) performs

As a electrical current moves through the home at all times. Therefore powering the outlets and the appliances or devices plugged into them. In the event of anything interrupting this current. This engages the electrical safety switch to immediately engage, thus shutting off the power feed to protect against electrical shock. When the safety switch is installed and working correctly. The switch can shut off in as little as .3 seconds to prevent injuries.

safety switch Perth regulations

Homes built in Perth after 1991 are required to have at least two RCDs installed. However safety switches should be installed in every home to protect the homeowner.

safety switch (RCD) testing

An electrical safety switch (RCD)  should be tested every three months to make sure they are working. The process is a simple one. First, plug in a lamp and turn it on. Turn off all other electronic equipment, such as televisions, radios, and computers. Push the test button on each safety switch. This should turn the switch off. Check the lamp to see if it works. If it does work, the safety switch is faulty and in need of repair or replacement. When finished with the test, turn the switch back on and plug everything back in. Remember that electric clocks and timers will have to be reset after testing.