gas fitters perth

When it comes to gas in Perth look no further. As GA PERRY can fix bayonets, detect the source of leaks, service hot water units, room heaters. We will also ensure your your appliances meet current legislation and manufacturer’s specifications. It pays to have a regular inspection of all your appliances, bayonet fittings, and associated gas networks. Should you detect a leak, turn off your gas supply immediately at the mains box by the side of your home.Whether it be installing or servicing appliances, it is imperative to enlist the help of licensed gas fitters you can trust


GA PERRY is the longest-established gas company, trading now for 121 years in Perth. Our team is chosen for their extensive qualifications and knowledge in all aspects of gas, servicing, maintenance, GA PERRY gas fitters are all registered and licensed.

Perth gas leak detection

Domestic gas has a distinctive smell, yet amazingly some householders may not notice a leak that is very slow to develop. Even a leak-free appliance may over time suffer a loss of performance. Therefore this could result in the release of toxic gases into the living spaces.  Call GA PERRY, with our fleet of vehicles roaming Perth, and we will quickly send our next available tradesperson.

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