leaking toilet repairs

A Leaking toilet in Perth can waste up to 25 liters a day. Therefore if not repaired quickly this could add hundreds of dollars to your water rates!

Or have you ever suffered the misery of staring at the wastewater in the basin or bowl, and seeing it sit there, without going down?

And then what do you do when someone else wants to use the toilet?

The mind boggles!

Blocked drains can be caused by any number of reasons – and it’s often a combination of several factors. In fact, I remember well the havoc that our grape vines used to wreak. When the crept into the ancient leaky drains at Mum’s place.

So isn’t it a breath of fresh air – literally – to know that help is only a phone call away. As GA PERRY can have an expert plumber out to take care of it without delay?

So don’t waste time, have GA PERRY. The number one name in leaking toilet repairs in Perth. Arrive and take a look at your home or offices’ toilets if you suspect a leak. Along with saving yourself from further costly water damage to ceilings or walls.

leaking toilet repairs and drains are GA PERRY’s core when it comes to plumbing. With all the right tools already at the site thanks to our fully-equipped vans. You can rest assured that your problem will be solved quickly and properly.

Then all you have to worry about is your kids posting a “Before” video on YouTube!

If you suspect you have a leaking toilet, blocked toilet or drain, don’t waste time. Give the experts a call on 9475 1500 or book online here to have one of GA PERRY’s expert servicemen fix the problem fast!

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